An Online Calendar that Integrates with Your Website.

Let visitors request events that you approve.





Customizable -   Customizable to look and feel exactly like your website (don't settle for just a logo).
Integration -   Widgets to display events on your home page or anywhere on your website.
Unlimited -   Unlimited number of users, events, and group calendars.
No Install -   Nothing to install, just link to Web-Scheduler like any other web page.
Event Approval -   Approve events before they are being posted, including changes.
Form Based -   Maintain events using an easy to understand form; no uploads required.
Reminders -   E-mail notifications keep you abreast when events are requested.
User Approval -   Approve users before they can requeste events.
Event Descriptions -   Event descriptions may include images, Flash movies, and sound.
URL Info Links -   Events may include links to pages or documents with more details.
Reminders -   Setup e-mail reminders so meetings aren't missed.
Repeating Events -   Supports tons of different ways to have repeating events.

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