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Integration  Integration

You have spent a lot of time and resources making your website look professional and present a positive image of your organization. Your Calendar of Events page should match that standard and look like it belongs with the rest of your website or Intranet. Web-Scheduler enables you to make your calendar look and feel like the rest of your web space by allowing you to add your styles, images, sounds, movies, etc. to your Web-Scheduler calendar. You can also use Widgets to display events on your website.

Event Descriptions  Event Descriptions

Web-Scheduler allows you to include HTML, Links, JavaScript, Flash, images, Cascading Style Sheets and more to your events so they are as informative as possible and attention getting.

Widgets  What is a Widget?

Basically, for us, a Widget is a little snippet of code you copy-paste on your website to display events pulled in real-time from Web-Scheduler. For example, you could have your most important events on your home page and your upcoming training presentations on your Customer Relations web page.

Event Wizard  Event Wizard

A flexible, simple, yet powerful tool to add, edit, or delete events. You do not need to know anything special about computers to add events. This tool is intuitive enough so that anyone can jump on and start adding or requesting events, which is the goal! For those who like to really jazz up their website, this tool will allow you to include special formatting, images, sound, movies, and just about anything else you'd like to make your events informational and eye catching!

Event Approval  Event Approval Process

Allows registered users to request events; those events must be approved before they are posted to the Calendar. Unapproved events are not displayed on the calendar but available in either the 'Pending' section for the Event Admin to approve. A notification will be sent to the Event Admin when an event is requested. This saves time for staff, makes events more informative, and creates a review process.

User Approval  User Approval Process

You have the option to approve every new user who registers with your online calendar before they may request events. You may set this option on the Preferences page in the Admin area.

Event Groups  Event Groups

Organize events into Groups. Event Groups can be anything, for example: "Bob's Schedule," "Music," "Building Support," and "Atlanta Office" can each be a Group. Groups may have a description which may be displayed as its own web page. Some groups may also be separate (or hidden) from the rest of the calendar.

No Limits  No Limits

Sometimes it is difficult to get price quotes for software. You have to know how many users, events, groups... that can be a headache. Call us crazy but we don't like counting those things, either. That is why Web-Scheduler offers unlimited users, events, and groups.

Multi-User Access  Multi-User Access

Anyone may see your online calendar of events unless you choose to password protect it. Additionally, several people may be logged in and viewing reports, requesting events, etc. at the same time.

Reminders  Reminders

Registered users may receive automatic e-mail reminders for events in which they are interested. Users may select to receive two reminders for each event from 2 weeks to 15 minutes ahead of the event.

E-Mail Notifications  E-Mail Notifications

When a new event is requested, or an event change is requested, you will automatically receive an email notifying you of the requested event. The user who requested the event will also receive an e-mail with the details of their request as a receipt.

User Roles  User Roles

Web-Scheduler is not an all or nothing calendar solution. You choose who can request events, who can approve (or add) events, who can alter the look and feel, and more. Most products only have one user type, the type that adds events to the calendar. Web-Scheduler has several to insure events are approved, people are informed, and your online calendar is secure.

Repeat Events  Repeat Events

Events may repeat in lots of different ways, every day, quarterly, yearly, every other Tuesday and Thursday, etc. The Add Event Wizard supports them all.

Event Downloads  Event Downloads

Anyone may easily download events from Web-Scheduler and import them into desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, or Lotus Notes.

Multiple Views  Password Protection

On the preferences page there is an option to password protect the entire calendar using a global username and password. This is separate from an individual username and password. For example, you may have the entire calendar protected using the username "Example Inc" and password "Success" so only your employees can see the calendar.

Multiple Views  Multiple Views

There is a graphical and list version of the Month, Week, Day, and Event Detail views... plus you have the widgets!

Highlight Events  Highlight Events

No matter the size of your organization you may have a lot of events. In fact, the more events you put online the more informed everyone is and it helps your search engine ranking. The Event Highlights feature provides a way to not overwhelm those viewing your calendar by only showing the most important events on one calendar. Users can then choose to display all events or only events for the group in which they are interested. Any event in any group (except personal events) may be highlighted. In your Web-Scheduler preferences you can set your calendar to default to show highlighted events first or to show all events.

Personal Events  Personal Events

To plan a day people sometimes have to go to their organization's website, their PDA, and a desktop program like Microsoft Outlook... that is a lot of effort to see if you are available for lunch! You can optionally give your members the ability to add their personal events to your online calendar. Personal events are private and may only be viewed by the individual who entered them when they are logged in; they are hidden from all other members. Now they need only look in one place to easily see if their dentist appointment will conflict with a meeting.

Search  Search

Print Calendar  Print Calendar

This is a customizable printable view of your calendar to use in your publications.

Event Reports  Event Reports

Web-Scheduler allows you to print reports of events; you can print an event bulletin for a newsletter, a standard calendar view, a single event, or an event listing.

Locations  Locations

Web-Scheduler gives you the option of providing the location where an event will take place. Locations may be on-site or off-site, a conference room, a ball field, or any address you provide.

Print Event  Print Event

The printer friendly view of an event removes excess images and presentation so it is easy to print and take with you.

Security  Security

Web-Scheduler uses a solid security architecture that takes advantage of industry proven open source technologies. Additionally, each account has a username and password to prevent unauthorized access. You may also password protect your entire calendar to insure only those who you give the common password to may see your events.

User Management  User Management

You can use simple forms to delete old users or block offensive ones.

Manage Content  Content Management

You can maintain your entire website in Web-Scheduler if you'd like. Because of the flexibility of the system you can maintain as many pages as you'd like, all wrapped with the same look and feel automatically. Just create a new group and put the content for your page into the group description field. The page will automatically be wrapped in the same HTML as the rest of your site and a link will be provided on the "Link Generation" page.

Info Link  Info Link

Help  Help

Think of us as your IT Help Desk, if you have a question or need anything just contact us.

Bulletin  Bulletin

The bulletin is an easy printable view of the calendar that can be in one or two columns. It is great for newsletters, church bulletins, or bulletin boards!

DayGrid  DayGrid

On the graphical day view a bar graph will show overlapping events so you can quickly evaluate your day.

Event Contacts  Event Contacts

You can add contacts to an event so people know who to call or e-mail for more information if needed.

Unknown Duration  Unknown Duration

You may not know the end time of the event and that is fine. By default, Web-Scheduler will require and end time, however you can set your preferences to allow events to have an unknown (or no) duration.

Fiscal Year  Fiscal Year

Web-Scheduler will let you choose the start and end of your fiscal year. This way you can print custom calendars starting based on your fiscal year.

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